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sometimes, you’re just like..you know. infinitely sad and shit.
Why I won’t be supporting Mykki Blanco anymore:

Mykki Blanco is petty. Mykki Blanco has been posting all on FB about how he is in Russia. A place which is notorious for mudering, killing, raping and over all abusing gay people. That’s not a problem, if you’re recording your new album there-fine-great, I was waiting patiently to listen on it. Mykki Blanco posted a picture of him lighting up in some undisclosed forrest like area in Russia on facebook no less on a public page. So I commented ‘Please don’t get caught, killed or murdered fam.’ Which is a real statement because since he has been there I was worried for his safety. No longer because not only did he block me from his page, he also posted a status about him blocking me.


Like what the fuck? Are you that clueless to not see how someone would be concerned about your well being as you’re doing drugs and openly gay in Russia? I’m all for the trees. Also I don’t think that warranted someone deleting my comment slash blocking me and posting a status. That just seemed particularly petty to me. That’s all. I have been a Mykki Blanco fan since jump. Cosmic Angel Mykki free styling on the subway. I paid money to see him live when he visited my city (St. Louis, Mo). Where he gave the worst, most lackluster show ever where he literally complained about sound and lighting the whole time. Stopped the show multiple times to cuss out the AV staff. This all happened at a local University (WashU). Now I get that yes, you could tell that the AV crew was on bullshit. But he kept acting so unprofessional. Like, I know most of those college kids swiped their IDs and didn’t pay for the show. I paid for the show, to support Mykki Blanco. I have also been playing his music to any person I can, trying to get people to give him a chance. I defend him and his music at every turn even when he does suspect shit.If you care so much about ‘being a cunt’ over social media rather than caring about giving your fans who used their money to pay their ten dollars to get into the ball. I am done with you. I just feel like if you’re offended by the comment I made. You’re not living in reality. Russia is dangerous for gay people, point blank period. I also have noticed that, since our culture is mostly image based. Artists like this, who post cute pics online get away with just being shitty in person. I just thought I’d rant to tumblr. Im sure he could give a fuck less if he loses a dan, because from what I’ve gathered the well spoken, beautiful person I felt connected to in interviews is just a self described cunt. Who doens’t give a fuck because he’s doing it for the likes. I am just fed up with musical artists caring more about their online presence then their craft. Message.


A Former Mykki Blanco Fan


katy perry ran out of cultures to appropriate so now she’s copying britney